ApeX & Decay an Ode to Edgar Allan Poe

They’re after me.
I went too far.
I prodded too deep.
I found the scar.
To be honest it was just a game, I never meant any harm.
But I clicked on something I shouldn’t have, and now they know.
She told them.
I thought it was a cool name.  And she was hot, and she liked my ApeX.
I mean me, old, withery me. But I never thought anything more.  She was a muse.  You have to believe.
I didn’t kill Elanor.
It was the Apex that did it.  
It’s not my fault they make a VR Lounge for all singles.  all ages.  AND LIKE I SAID, I knew it would never work, that was the whole thing.  I felt like, a safe guy, a…. plutonic friend.  We were acquaintances in a room, and then… you know, when you talk and have that trust, and then, it was, we would obviously never see each other.  So of course I’m going to follow her on ApeX.  She had plenty of other followers.  If she turned around, I was always in a crowd of other VR avatars, not like a night stalker.  
Oh God, they’re coming closer, the drones have moved off and the squad cars are approaching from the glass-way.  I have…  mere moments to convince you.
And yes, then we saw each other at “The Dead see Scrolls” concert.  That was serendipitous!  I mean I could have known that she was going maybe from an ApeX a couple weeks ago, but the ticket was just at the edge of the view-frame, so how would I have noticed it?  And although us running into each other there was a little awkward, because we thought we’d never see each other again, we found that friendship again, it was like, “oh, we have the same take on things here, too.”  It was cool, and I was with friends who thought she was really cool, and it was cool that I was on the level with her, AND that I got it, you know?  I never did anything.
I never did anything.
I never did anything.
Fucking ApeX!  how else is it supposed to work?  If you want to watch their ALive videos, then you have to be in the 1000 yard vicinity, otherwise, you just get the PexStory video later.  
So of course I was there in her ALive crowd a few times, like I said, I thought of her as a muse.  And me just a harmless follower, Nothing more.
Wait, what’s this?  Sirens going past?
It’s not for me?
It’s not??
Huh, it’s not.
It’s not for me!  
Oh my soul, ha ha, it is not for me.  Let me inhale one fresh breath, of God’s green good air!
Ah, but that whiff upon the wind reminds me,
it’s time to bury Elanor.