S U P E R H U M A N – A GTAV Music Video


Here is the video for Freddy Scott‘s “S U P E R H U M A N”, a sweet little electro piece that I designed the video for.

What drew me to the “game-footage” concept for the video was actually the title of the song.  In a game like Grand Theft Auto, you can do a lot of things, mostly violent, that are a lot of fun because they’re loud and explosive, but also… free of consequence.  Not only can you get away with murder and mayhem, but even if you do get riddled with bullets and succumb to the police response, you simply respawn at the nearest hospital in perfect health!  How’s that for crime-fantasy?

So what I thought was, “these abilities make you (wait for it)… super-human.  But what if you were really stuck in this world, with the game’s restrictions, meaning that you could shoot people until you were blue in the face, but you could never have a conversation, never go to a restaurant, never ride a ferris wheel?”  How futile that would be, amazing abilities, yet such a dull existence.

So, the video happened.  I don’t know that it’s a success.  It is in that I got a lot of my ideas to come out in the footage while playing and editing the game sequences, but if I were to do it again, I would probably simplify the locations down to one, and tell a more straight forward story.  But it was fun working on, Freddy’s song still gets my head bobbing after listening to it hundreds of times, and I have a real appreciation for what some of the machinema creators have squeezed out of the Rockstar Editor, lot of future Michael Bays and Chris Nolans out there.