Back in 2010, 2011, I had this site in a useful and relevant layout, with some film stuff and projects and resume and blog, it was clicking. And then as I got more into Trigger Street, and more into LA in general, readjusting from the guerilla-indie-university way of doing things to taking a back seat in the big leagues and observing, it just fell away, got stale.

I tinkered here and there with it, layering in various themes, trying to make it more social media connected, promoting my stories a bit more since they were more current, but I couldn’t get it to take for myself, I hesitated on sharing the existence of the site.

It came down to a matter of function. If I was going to promote what I was doing best currently, that should be what looked the best, and dropping my stories into a blog just didn’t seem like a… showcase.

Well I’m happy to introduce the new layout. This site still acts as a catch all for my creative professional presence on the web, but now, if you check out Stories on the sidebar, you’ll be taken to stories.slaterrowe.com, which uses the new and highly intuitive Aesop Plugin, giving a real polish to any written tale on the web, it’s built specifically for storytellers.

There’s going to be a lot coming down the pipe, and I hope you like it.