Hollywood has finally achieved The Meta-Double


As you may or may not know, it is common in this business for two movies with a similar theme to come out around the same time. Some examples include:

1997: Volcano / Dante’s Peak
1998: Armageddon / Deep Impact
1998: Antz / A Bugs Life
2005-06: Capote / Infamous
2012: Mirror Mirror / Snow White and the Huntsman
2013: Olympus Has Fallen / White House Down

And many more. The reason for this is not cosmic coincidence, but rather one idea getting a lot of heat in town, and someone else rushing to capitalize on it. Many times the copycat idea gets pushed through production and released faster than the original. It’s a game the studios play, fascinating and frustrating.

Well today, I noticed one that takes the whole thing to a new level. Right now, the theater/VOD is doubly packed with double character stories… Brain-melting, I know. But at least in this case, both films are well received, and aside from their shared concept, these twins are anything but alike (oh man, I feel a multitude of puns welling up, best to just get to the trailers now and spare you.)

Without further ado, “Enemy,” and “The Double.”