Long long ago, we’re talking the early aughts, I futzed around with an story concept about a fantastical virtual utopia that was a private playground for the world’s elites that they accessed through secret high-tech portals, and I dubbed this realm, “Blysteria.”

Life happened, other things stole my creative interest, etc, until one day in 2016 when I found myself with some idle creative time, and I went about drafting a sketch of a fantasy world that might be fun for a video game like Final Fantasy or The Elder Scrolls. Remembering the old title, I though it would be fitting for this place, and so Blysteria sprung anew.

This time, however, I kept tinkering: growing the world; the characters that would populate it; and the conflicts that would besiege it.

Years later, layered in thousands of notes, sketches, maps, and 3D renderings, The Legends of Blysteria has grown into an entire universe of tales, and is finally about to make its public debut- the latest of which can all be found here, at blysteria.slaterrowe.com