Eternal Questions of our spotted minds


Would you really want to let a terrible deed done to you haunt you for the rest of your days?  What if, in a deep despair, you were offered the opportunity to free yourself of it, would you want that?

Or are the bad and the terrible secretly as treasured to our minds as the good and the great?

If you had done something horrible, and could push that terrible strike from an otherwise clean ledger out of your mind, allowing yourself to operate with peace and clarity, would you?  Or would you chose to keep the humility of your faults?

When two people can portray themselves so convincingly and earnestly from opposite accounts of the same event, what does that mean?  if you pitted the most honest human versus the greatest performer, who would captivate more?

If you could push something out of your mind completely, how would you know it was done once you did it?